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Zahnarztpraxis Boris Shrage

Lietzenburger Straße 72, Ecke Uhlandstraße - 10719 Berlin
Telefon: 030-2115923 - Telefax: 030-23622323

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Passionate about patient care….

For many, coming to the dentist will instil apprehension - we understand that!

We all share phobias, whether it’s of spiders, fear of flying or even of balloons….do not be embarrassed it’s healthy and we will never judge you on it!

We therefore take great efforts to ensure that your visit to us is as comfortable for you as possible - if that means that you merely come in for an informal chat to share your concerns with us, we will take the time to listen. We promise that once you step into our practice, you are in control, not us.

We pride ourselves in making your visit a very pleasant experience and once you have decided to have treatment with us, you will realise that we provide pain free dentistry simply because we have the technique, the patience and the respect for your fears.

To make your treatment even more comfortable we either offer you a choice of the latest movies to view through specialized viewing glasses or sedation. Both have successfully helped many of our nervous patients.

Sedation is used by many highly anxious patients. It is extremely safe form of anaesthesia and while it does not put you to sleep, it does not allow details to be recalled.

You are sure to leave with a smile


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