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Dental services in Berlin, you can rely on.


We care for the quality of the services and the patients comfort foremost. We provide extended warranty to all  dental implant treatments.


Dentist Boris Shrage in Berlin



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Zahnarztpraxis Boris Shrage

Lietzenburger Straße 72, Ecke Uhlandstraße - 10719 Berlin
Telefon: 030-2115923 - Telefax: 030-23622323

E-Mail: info(at) -


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Welcome to Berlins and our German hospitality.

Here at Dental Center  we know that it is our patients who will determine whether we are gentle in our dentistry, exceptionally skilled in our profession and suitable to their budgets.

We understand that today's patient needs to be listened to and we promise to provide dental care which is comprehendible, relaxing, and outstanding in its results.


Immediate loaded implants - Teeth in an hour - One day implants

Dental Implants look, feel and function just like normal teeth

Please ask us  for CAD-G prices and the nearest CAD-G implant surgeon  - NobelGuide  Berlin.



Please call: 0049 (0)451 7907041    Implants Berlin

or send your E-Mail to: info(at)    


Our dental services and implant treatments in Berlin

 - regular treatment,
 - x ray diagnosing,
 - hygiene,
 - laser gum treatment ,
 - specialist consulting,
 - cosmetic dentistry,
 - scaling (ultrasound plaque removal),
 - plaque removal,
 - teeth whitening,
 - newest implants, prostheses

- teeth in an hour - immediate loaded implants - one day implants - NobelGuide - Nobel Biocare Berlin - One Day Implants - Teeth in an Hour Berlin - Immediate Loaded Implants


We provide top of the range Private Dental Care that include :
• Having your smile designed by top Cosmetic Dentists in Berlin
• The latest in Home, Laser and Ultrasonic tooth    whitening (with a variety of gels to suit your    individual whitening requirements)
• Implants to replace missing teeth - immediate loading
• Hygiene Gum Therapy by outstanding Hygienists
• Excellent overall dental maintenance.


Am I a good candidate for this sort of treatment?

If you have missing teeth, and you want an option which will replace your missing teeth and be longer lasting, then you are a brilliant candidate. Just ensure that you schedule a complimentary consultation with us to ensure that we choose the right implant system that suits both the number of teeth that are missing & the amount of bone levels that you have.


We find a dentist for you. Dentistry and dental treatments from a simple crown to perfect veneers up to immdiate loaded implants.





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