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You already did the first step helping yourself get over your fear with the visit of our website. Fear of a dentist affects alot of human beings, one adult in three in Germany is reported to have  severe to moderate fear of dental treatments.


For additional information please call:  0049 451 7907041 


There are millions of people in the world who have searched online and found a website to help in treat their fear of dentistry. If you really want, you can become one of the two adults in three who have just a little or no fear of dentists.


Try to find stories about other people with the same problem.


There is often a vicious circle in dental phobia: whatever caused the phobia initially (be it painful or traumatic experiences, hurtful remarks, or something else) leads to avoidance, which in turn means no access to professional dental care, usually resulting in poorer oral health, and at some stage the results of this "neglect" are perceived to be so embarrassing that it's totally impossible to see a dentist, even when in pain. Many people feel that their teeth will be the worst the dentist has ever seen however remember that there will always be a treatment suitable for you. It is really not in your dentist’s interests to make you feel any worse about the way things are and if (s)he does, then they are just being unkind or are unaware of how hurtful their comments are and you should find a nicer dentist!


It’s your mouth and not only do you deserve the treatment you need and want- you also deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

You can find the right dentist for you from one of the following sources:

Look  on the WorldWideWeb. This is a great way to find a dentist. Specialized Dentists who have taken the time to register on a website as being able to treat anxious patients will generally be a safe bet. We have a list of ‘recommended dentists for anxious and nervous patients’ - and remember to come back to Dental Center Luebeck Germany .


Many people come over and do achieve their goal of being able to have dental treatment without fear.

Read on more websites, to find out how you can identify your exact fears and discover the root. You can also learn many helpful things about various anxiety managements  available at the specialized oktors here in Germany. Many of them offer sedation and hypnosis. If you like, please have a ‘virtual appointment’ by e-mail with Dr. Harry Fritz !


You can conquer your fears today! We will assist you.


Who are Dental Fear / Dental Phobia Dentists for?
  • People(worldwide) with an extreme phobia of dentists or injections
  • Anyone with specific dental fear





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